Pro-Abortion—It’s a Religious Position!

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A recent opinion piece in The Guardian attempts to rally atheists to defend “reproductive rights” as many pro-life groups and organizations are fighting against abortion. The atheist author of this piece writes, “Atheists’ hugely lopsided support for choice is a simple reflection that opposition to abortion is inherently a religious position, just like creationism or opposition to LGBT rights” (emphasis original).

But, for those who aggressively support abortion, they are pushing a religious position! Really they are worshipping the god of self.

What this atheist seems to be saying is that his view of abortion is the neutral position, and we must not let the bias of religion influence others’ rights to have an abortion. But there is no such thing as neutrality! As Jesus stated, “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad” (Matthew 12:30). You are either for Christ or against Him, and they have blind faith in believing there is no God and that belief determines their worldview and thus they also have a religion—their belief in the false religion of humanism and atheism that influences their support for abortion. You see, the pro-abortion position is so overwhelming among atheists because according to atheist thinking, life is the result of millions of years of evolutionary processes. Humans are no different from animals. If you kill spare cats, why not kill spare kids? If we’re just animals, then humans have no inherent value, so why not kill a baby when it’s convenient to do so?

Now, Bible-believers hold God’s Word as their absolute authority. There is absolute morality because there’s an absolute authority. And as a result, we believe that abortion kills a human being because each human being is designed in God’s image (Genesis 1:27) and carefully knit together in the mother’s womb by God (Psalm 139:13–16). The Bible makes no distinction between life that’s been born and life that hasn’t been. Therefore, murdering an unborn life is just as heinous as murdering a life that has been born. Our presuppositions about the existence of God and the authority of His Word influence our beliefs about the sanctity of life, gay “marriage,” creation, and many other things. But the atheists’ beliefs about morality are also influenced by their religion. According to their worldview, there is no God who sets the rules. If there’s no God, then there can’t be moral absolutes. And if there aren’t any moral absolutes, then who makes the rules? Well, man does. This belief about morality is the direct result of their religious beliefs. So whether they chose to admit it or not, their pro-abortion stance is the direct result of their religious beliefs!

Really, the abortion battle is a battle between two worldviews. It’s a battle between a worldview that views all life as sacred because it was created in the image of God and a worldview that denies this inherent sacredness because people are just evolved animals. As Christians, we need to be praying that peoples’ eyes will be opened to the gospel. Then hearts and minds will be changed for eternity and we will see this change reflected in our culture.

For more information related to this subject, see “Feedback: Is Atheism a Religion?” by Tim Chaffey, content manager for the Attractions Division of Answers in Genesis.

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