Join Us for Día Latino 2015

by Ken Ham on September 30, 2015

The month of October is Hispanic Heritage month here in America, and as part of this special month we have an exciting opportunity for Spanish speakers. Join us on Saturday, October 3, as we celebrate the third annual Día Latino right here at the Creation Museum near Cincinnati! Each year this day has brought hundreds of Spanish-speaking visitors from all around the United States to experience all the museum has to offer from the world-class exhibits, including animatronic dinosaurs and people, a full-size allosaurus skeleton, and an Insectorium, to the Planetarium, Special Effects Theatre, petting zoo, botanical gardens, and zip lines. Multiple tours in Spanish will take groups through the museum and guests will even enjoy a special “Dinosaurs and the Bible” talk afterwards by AiG’s own Joe Owen, who regularly presents and translates talks in Spanish all over the world. This year, you’ll get to join us for the premier of the first Spanish-language album produced by AiG. Singer Harold Iglecias will be performing many of the tracks from the new CD live at Día Latino! If you’re familiar with AiG’s Buddy Davis, you might even recognize some of the songs!

Día Latino

Join us on October 3 as we celebrate the third annual Día Latino right here at the Creation Museum!

Last year 900 guests flooded the museum, all eager to learn about creation apologetics and to discover how scientific evidence confirms the biblical accounts of Creation, the Flood, and so on. And this year we expect even more Spanish-speaking guests as we highlight “Dinosaurs and the Bible” with a gospel focus. It's truly a blessing to be able to welcome our Hispanic brothers and sisters to our 3rd annual Día Latino!

Tickets to the museum for Día Latino are only $10 each! This is a fantastic deal, and it’s a great day to bring your Spanish-speaking friends and family to experience all the Creation Museum has to offer.

Learn more about Día Latino. I encourage you to come and equip yourself and your family to answer the skeptical questions of this age at the Creation Museum. Not only will you have a wonderful time as a family, but you will be equipped and encouraged in the faith.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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