Life-Size Ark Update

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About 1/5 of the Ark structure has been installed. There will be dramatic changes over the next two months as most of the bents/timber structure will be installed. This is a short video beginning on the roof deck. The people are standing next to the poles that will hold up the roof over where there will be a restaurant (about seven stories high). And by the way, the tallest person standing in the group is Tim Chaffey. He’s 6’9”, so you can see how big those poles are. As the video pans out, it will help you get a sense of the size of this enormous structure—and realize how big the Ark was.

The completed Ark (with 132 exhibit bays inside) will be opened sometime next year—the actual opening date will be released in January 2016 when pre-sale of tickets will also go live online.

Keep up to date (and see many questions people have asked, answered) at Please read the answers to common questions and claims about the Ark project before making comments or asking questions concerning how Noah could have built the Ark or why we are building it the way we are. You’ll get your answer much more quickly that way.

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