East Tower Completed at Ark Site

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We’ve just had another historic day in the construction of the life-size Ark (in Williamstown, Kentucky). The east tower (the one on the right in the first photo below, facing the front of the Ark construction site) that will house elevators and stairs was completed last week—it’s over 80 feet high. The middle tower is nearing completion and the west tower will be finished in about three weeks or so. The photos show the towers in relation to the 510-foot-long Ark.

Ark Site

A photograph of the Ark construction site taken last week

East Tower

The completed east tower from the back of the Ark

Last Block on East Tower

The last block being laid on the east tower

Ark Site from East

The Ark construction site from the east end

Three Towers

The three towers from the back

Keep up to date at ArkEncounter.com. It will be opening sometime in 2016—probably late summer. I encourage you to read this article if you have questions, including how the Ark is being built.

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