Sharing God’s Word at the Fair and in Church

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Answers in Genesis had a booth at the Kentucky State Fair recently—and so did the secularists. And as usual they showed clearly their utter intolerance for Christianity and intolerance of the free exercise of religion (except for their own religion). You can see this by looking at the sign (which is also misleading) that comments on our Ark.

At the Kentucky State Fair

Keep up to date with the life-size Ark project that will open next year and learn the answers to some of the common questions we receive about Ark Encounter.

Meanwhile, we had a great crowd Saturday morning for the AiG conference to hear Dr. Tommy Mitchell and me in Springfield, Missouri.

So great to see so many adults, teens, and kids hungry for the truth of God’s Word—it is so needed in this nation.

At a Conference in Springfield, Missouri

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