Impacting Lives for Christ!

by Ken Ham on June 14, 2015

The Lord is so gracious to AiG—allowing us to hear numerous testimonies about how the ministry has been used by God to change lives. While speaking at a homeschool convention in Virginia this weekend, I received many such testimonies, and I have selected these three to share with you so you can praise the Lord with us:

  1. A mother introduced me to her 11-year-old daughter. She said her daughter had been going to public school and even though she was brought up in the church, she told her parents she didn’t believe in God now. They took her to the Creation Museum and the young girl herself told me the visit changed her life—it totally turned her around. Her parents were at the homeschool convention, and they said they were now beginning to homeschool their daughter. I have heard many other testimonies like this—and who knows how many people have had their lives turned around at the Creation Museum!
  2. A father of four (three children with one on the way) came up to me with his wife and explained he had heard me speak 25 years ago in Michigan. He said his father, who was a scientist involved in petroleum geology, had been struggling with his faith and the origins issue. He told me that what I taught had an incredible impact on his dad, and as a result, it changed what his son—the young man I met—was taught. This young man who is now a father said he still remembers some of the things I said from 25 years ago, and that the impact of those messages on his father was now evident in how he was now bringing up his family.
  3. I had so many wonderful young children come up to me and thank me for teaching the truth concerning God’s Word. For example, a five-year-old boy approached me and thanked me, and I asked if he would say what he told me again so I could record a video of him on my smartphone. I thought you would enjoy watching this short video clip below (Buddy Davis and I had just given a special keynote presentation for kids and their parents at the conference).

Here is a photograph taken of the audience as Buddy and I presented a fun session about dinosaurs:

Saturday evening

The photograph below is of people lined up to speak to me after one of the sessions—sometimes it seems to be a never-ending line, but I never tire of hearing the exciting testimonies people want to relay to me:

Saturday morning

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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