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Learn About Noah’s Ark and the Flood

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Skeptics mock the account of Noah’s Ark and the global Flood as recorded in Scripture. They claim that there is no evidence that such a worldwide event ever happened. But as I often say, even the rocks cry out that the history recorded in Genesis is true!

For example, the rocks provide the record of billions of dead things buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the Earth. If there really had been a global Flood at some point in Earth’s history, this is exactly what we would expect to see. And it is exactly what we do see! We also see rock layers that are spread across huge distances. Layers of the Grand Canyon, the Tapeats Sandstone and Redwall Limestone, can be traced across the entire United States, into Canada, and even across the Atlantic Ocean to England! This is a testament to a lot of water covering a huge area all at once. Of course, this makes sense if there was a global Flood which covered the entire Earth. The evidence for a global Flood is plain to those who accept the Bible’s account of history and reject man’s ideas about the past.

Now, I often get asked why we are building Ark Encounter, our full-size Noah’s Ark that is currently under construction in northern Kentucky. Well, Ark Encounter will stand as a massive testament to the truth of God’s Word from the very beginning. The Ark, and the many exhibits, will show visitors that the account of the Flood can be trusted. It will answer people’s questions about the account of the Flood. How did Noah fit all the animals on the Ark? And how did he care for them? What about dinosaurs? Ark Encounter will answer these questions and so many more. But it will also be an evangelistic outreach. The gospel will be clearly and powerfully presented to point people toward the one Door, Christ Jesus (John 10:9), and the salvation that He freely offers. Millions of people will hear a presentation of the gospel firmly grounded in the true history of God’s Word!

Be Equipped at the Answers Mega Conference

Do you want to learn more about this exciting topic? Then be sure to come to Answers Mega Conference! This information-packed conference for the family, which will cover the Ark, Flood of Noah’s day, and many other topics, is taking place June 24–26, 2015, in Florence, Kentucky, only 20 minutes away from the Creation Museum and 20 minutes the other direction to the Ark site off of I-75! As a special bonus, you can get a special tour of the Ark site under construction! Now that’s an opportunity of a lifetime.

Ark Construction

It’s not too late to register for this faith-building conference. You can register and see a full schedule of events here.

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