The Ark Project and the State of Kentucky—The Latest Developments

by Ken Ham on March 17, 2015

Many articles have appeared in the secular and Christian media after Answers in Genesis (AiG) filed a motion in federal court yesterday seeking an injunction against Kentucky because they stopped the Ark project participating in a performance-based sales tax rebate incentive offered to any tourist facility that fulfills the requirements of the law.

The consultants hired by the state concluded the Ark project did fulfill all the requirements. However, Bob Stewart, the secretary of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, and Steven Beshear, the governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, would not allow the Ark Encounter’s application (which had received preliminary approval) to be submitted to the Tourism Development Authority board for their required vote. The reasons given for not allowing the application to go to that board outline very blatant viewpoint discrimination—because the project is about the Bible and will give an obvious Christian message. In addition, as a religious organization we are allowed by law to exercise a religious preference in hiring—this is necessary in order for any religious organization to maintain its identity. Answers in Genesis cannot remain silent; we have to make a stand for the free exercise of religion in this nation.

If you haven’t read AiG’s news release on this new development, then go to this link.

One of the best (and accurate) media articles on this was written by WND. Their headline reads, “Noah's Ark Project Wants State to Play Fair.” I encourage you to read it online.

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