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I toured our Ark design center recently and saw a number of wonderful exhibits being built for the life-size Noah’s Ark under construction here in Northern Kentucky. Also, animals of various kinds and sizes (from quite large to rather small) are being sculpted, soon to be ready for the Ark exhibits they will be featured in. These two animals in the photo are the first to be completed for the Ark Encounter. It certainly shows you the level of detail our sculptors ensure for this incredible project (as they did for the Creation Museum).


Simosuchus (View enlarged image)

Now, whenever I give an Ark update, a number of anti-Christian trolls—seemingly they see their life’s mission as coming up with something negative to write about my posts—will criticize even the smallest thing. Often even Christians will be negative. So this time, I thought I would offer some lighthearted help to the usual critics and save them the time of coming up with the negatives I expect them to write about this post! Yes, I am anticipating that some of them will post things about the photo and my text above with comments like the following:

  • The animals are not detailed enough.
  • You weren’t there—how do you really know they looked like that?
  • Were any animals harmed in the sculpting of these?
  • Did you get permission from PETA?
  • Why aren’t they bigger?
  • I hope your artists wear masks and other safety gear when sculpting these animals.
  • Did you pay the sculptor properly?
  • Did the EPA approve of the materials you used?
  • Why did you sculpt this animal? I would have preferred a cat or a poodle.
  • Are you sculpting any more animals or is this all there is?
  • What’s the name of this animal? I don’t see a label anywhere.
  • How come the animals are not in a cage like they should be? Did they just roam about freely through the Ark?
  • But these animals aren’t even mentioned in the Bible, are they?
  • Why did you bother only to post a photo of just two animals?
  • Why aren’t you feeding the poor instead of building an Ark to help save millions for eternity?

I’m sure there will be other negative comments—but at least the ones I listed above will stop a number of critics :). Though some of them may come up with even more creative negative comments.

Well, I hope most of you will enjoy the photo and be excited about the level of talent and expertise the Lord has brought to AiG for the life-size Noah’s Ark now under construction. Keep up to date at

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