A "Fly Over" the Ark Construction Site

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This week, one of our staff members used a small drone to take a short video of the Ark Construction site. I thought you would enjoy seeing this video that shows the large center tower under construction. You can then see (through the snow) the foundations of the other two towers—one on either side of the center tower. The Ark will anchor to these three towers that will also house elevators, rest rooms, and so on. The towers will stand about seven stories high. You can also see the initial construction of some of the columns that the Ark will be sitting on (it will be 12 feet off the ground). It’s still hard to imagine how enormous this building will be—it will be the largest wooden frame building in the world we are told. This video is just over one minute. It will give you a good overview of the site where the Ark is being constructed.

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