Theologian Stands Firm on Genesis

by Ken Ham on February 24, 2015

Often when I read blogs or material from many theologians I am disappointed to read those who compromise on Genesis and twist the Scriptures to conform with secular scientists’ ideas about origins. This is, sadly, becoming increasingly common as many pastors and theologians cave to the pressure of the secular world.

But recently I read a blog posted by pastor and theologian John MacArthur’s ministry, Grace to You, that encouraged me. This blog post, titled “Evangelical Syncretism: The Genesis Crisis” by Cameron Buettel addressed the tendency in modern evangelical circles to tolerate evolutionary ideas by trying to fit them somewhere into Scripture. This blogger understands the heart of the creation/evolution and age of the earth issue:

The opening chapters of Genesis are not up for debate, nor are they negotiable. The academic credibility of our faith is meaningless if we’re so quick to sacrifice the meaning of Scripture at the altar of public opinion. Better to be counted a fool for the sake of God’s Word than to be embraced for our willingness to compromise it.
I encourage you to check out the full blog and view a short video of John MacArthur discussing the importance of Genesis.

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