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On Wednesday, February 25, at 7 PM Pacific Time USA (10 PM Eastern Time), Answers in Genesis President Ken Ham will be interviewed by Leon Fontaine on TBN’s Praise the Lord program.

The Answers in Genesis staff who have watched a preview of the interview said that this is perhaps the best TV interview they have seen of Ken discussing the importance of the book of Genesis and why Christians are undermining biblical authority if they compromise Genesis with millions of years, giving a report on the Creation Museum, and presenting an update on the life-size Noah’s Ark project in Northern Kentucky.

The 20-minute interview with Ken Ham is the second one on this program. After Ken’s segment, creationists Eric Hovind and Russ Miller are also interviewed.

We urge you to watch this program, as we believe Ken’s interview is one you will want to share with others. The program will be archived on the TBN website after the broadcast.

Here is the link to the program schedule.

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