The Blessed History of AiG

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I occasionally remind you to read an encouraging article on our website that presents our ministry's history—and then have you rejoice with us in God's blessings over 21 years. It can be found here. With our board meeting this week, I just look back on 21 years of board meetings and various outreaches and praise God.

Our history document is updated regularly, and so it includes information about AiG's current religious freedom struggle with the State of Kentucky. While reading this history article, you can also watch our new video that features our attorney Mike Johnson of Freedom Guard. Mike explains the important religious liberty issues involved with AiG's Ark Encounter project and our constitutional rights being challenged by the State in our hiring at the future Ark. It's a video all Christians should watch to be aware of yet another example of how the government is chipping away at religious freedom and to be vigilant regarding their liberties. The video also tackles some of the myths surrounding the Ark.

Click here to read the history document.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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