The Master’s College Essay Contest

by Ken Ham on January 10, 2015

Our good friend David Wheaton, head of the ministry The Christian Worldview (also the title of his national radio broadcast) and a world-ranked tennis player, has reminded me of his annual essay contest that offers scholarship money to attend The Master’s College in California. Here is what he wrote to us:

The Christian Worldview is offering high school seniors and college-transfer students the opportunity to win a $4,000 scholarship and all-expense paid visit to The Master’s College in southern California through submitting a 600–750 word essay on the following topic:
Define and explain the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy. Explain the role that biblical inerrancy plays in a Christian worldview.
The Master’s College is led by pastor/teacher John MacArthur and is one of the rare colleges that holds to a young-earth biblical view of creation. The essay contest deadline is Sunday, February 1, 2015.
I encourage you to consider applying for this scholarship, or urging your children to do so. Click here for full essay contest details.

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