The Ark Is Happening!

by Ken Ham

I wanted to share a very exciting nine-minute video with you that offers an update of what is happening with the construction of our life-size Noah’s Ark (south of Cincinnati).

After my wife and I returned from our visit with family in Australia, I interviewed one of the project managers for the Ark and our VP of attractions. Even though I have been intimately involved with this project, I gained some fascinating insights into what has gone into the planning of the engineering and architectural work. I was also amazed to see how much work has been done since I toured the site the last time and as we get ready for the timber construction of the Ark itself (to occur in the first half of next year).

While I was at the actual Ark site in Williamstown, Kentucky, this week, I was interviewed by a local newspaper reporter. She asked me, “What can I tell the people of Kentucky?” I replied, “This is happening!” Yes—the Ark construction is happening—and still on schedule for the 2016 opening.

Reporter with Ken Ham and Mark Looy

Enjoy the video update and rejoice with us.

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