Partnering To Help Ebola Victims Physically and Spiritually

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Some of the most physically and spiritually needy people of the world are in West Africa, where the Ebola virus has claimed the lives of more than 4,500 people and threatens to claim many more. Not only do many people living in the region lack the food and medicine necessary to sustain physical life, but most of those people do not have the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the free gift of salvation. To help those in West Africa, we have used our partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund and the Slavic Gospel Association to send relief—and the good news of the gospel—to these desperate people. This blog, from Answers Worldwide, has the details on this exciting partnership and ministry opportunity:

As the death toll in West Africa increases every day due to the spreading Ebola outbreak, Answers in Genesis has partnered with other ministries to send food, medicine-and most importantly- the gospel to some of the world’s poorest and most desperate people . . .

This partnership has recently included the country of Sierra Leone, which is one of the West African countries in a declared state of emergency due to the Ebola outbreak. CHF reports that the disease has not only killed more than 1,000 people in Sierra Leone, but the outbreak has damaged the country’s economy, causing a scarcity of goods and inflation. Many cannot afford food or medicine and people are dying of starvation. In response, AIG has shipped 1,000 Food Paks with tracts to Sierra Leone to serve families suffering under the threat of Ebola. Our hope is that the church-based ministries we are supplying will find open doors to the gospel for these desperate people. Please pray for the efforts of CHF and other Christian ministries and churches in Sierra Leone as they help hurting people in this country.

Read the full blog post about this ministry opportunity.

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