AiG Continues to Make an Impact!

by Ken Ham on August 22, 2014

Every so often, I like to share encouraging letters and testimonies I’ve received from AiG supporters.

Not long ago, I met a family at a homeschool conference that has been using AiG materials for 20 years! Their children had their picture taken with me, and later they sent me a card sharing some of their testimony:

Dear Ken,

Our family cannot thank you enough for your conviction to stand on the authority of God’s Word. Your teaching and your ministry materials have had an incredible impact on our children in equipping them to defend their faith. It was very special for our kids to meet you in person! Thank you for the eternal difference you are making. Our family is so grateful.

Ken with kids

Thank you card front   Thank you card back

I hope you find this as encouraging as I did. At Answers in Genesis, we want to equip believers to respond to skeptical questions, and we want to capture the minds and hearts of our children for biblical truths before our secular culture does with its humanistic anti-God beliefs. I urge you to visit our website at and start using some of the great resources available today!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,



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