Special Documentary Film about the Ark Encounter

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A few of us involved in the Ark Encounter project were recently interviewed by Johan Bos, executive producer of James Hout Productions. Mr. Bos is producing a national television documentary titled Replicating The Ark about the Ark Encounter. His recent projects have been seen on TV networks such as ABC, NBC, ESPN, Travel Channel, and PBS. Based on what I have seen so far, I believe Mr. Bos will provide a fair documentary of the efforts leading up to and through the building of the Ark Encounter.

Here’s what Mr. Bos says about the documentary:

I've produced many programs for national television, and Replicating The Ark has got to be one of the most fascinating programs I've come across. The story starts with the enormous task of designing this full-size massive ship. Will it be built as a ship or a building? Either way, when finished, this composition will become America's largest timber-frame, wooden structure. This documentary will answer the all revealing questions of; Who?, How?, Where?, and the full-size question of Why? This film is a first hand look at the building of what might even become a historic event.
I encourage you to visit the Replicating The Ark website to learn more about it and how you can support this film.

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