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It really pays to have a sense of humor in this ministry! I must admit, some of the secularists are very creative in the ways they distort what we’ve written (or said) in their attempts to attack our credibility. In a way it’s like a propaganda war! I think some of the atheists are trying to outdo each other in regards to how outlandish they can be in their attempts to ridicule us. And many of them are so gullible about what they pick up on the Internet! They just think they can trust what each of them says as “truth” (whatever “truth” means to an atheist in their meaningless and purposeless universe).

For example, a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post stating why I didn’t believe there are extraterrestrial beings/aliens (for a number of reasons, including a theological one), and that NASA was wasting millions of dollars searching for alien life. So atheists decided to “translate” what I said and falsely claimed I was saying that “aliens are going to hell,” and that “NASA should be defunded.” Of course I said no such things! (You can read my article explaining all this.)

Well, AiG cartoonist Dan Lietha decided to have some fun with these false accusations and produced a few graphics to illustrate the point I was making about aliens. Then our video animator decided to have some fun with this as well.

It’s short and humorous—but I thought you would enjoy watching this animation and would be sharing it with others.  Yes, as you will see, it is “most illogical”—and yes, you will see AiG’s version of “Star Trek’s” Spock saying this!  Enjoy—watch this short animation below:

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