“Christians may wake up one day to find Christianity outlawed”

by Ken Ham on July 10, 2014

An article came across my desk yesterday that brought me back to a quote I made in the 1988 book (out of print) The Genesis Solution: “Christians may wake up one day to find Christianity outlawed.”

The Chronicle of Higher Education is a highly respected newspaper within academia. (In fact, we subscribe to it at AiG so we can monitor developments in education.) In a commentary written in the June 2014 edition, the author is calling for the following: if a Christian college makes its faculty sign a statement of faith indicating that the professors believe in the historicity of Scripture, then that would be grounds for the school losing its academic accreditation in “respectable” society. The author also states,

Let me be clear. I have no particular objection to like-minded adherents of one or another religion banding together, calling their association a college, and charging students for the privilege of having their religious beliefs affirmed. However, I have a profound objection to legitimizing such an association through accreditation, and thereby conceding that the integrity of scholarship and teaching is merely negotiable. I also object to the expenditure of taxpayer dollars in support of religious ideology, in particular when that ideology has set itself in opposition to the findings of modern science.

The retrograde battle that religious fundamentalists are waging against science has become a melancholy fact of our contemporary cultural life. Legislators around the country conspire to find academic room for the oxymoronic charade called "creation science."

This is just another example of the growing intolerance of those people who are opposed to Christianity in the culture. I really pray that such examples will wake up many more Christians to realize that they need to be active in the spiritual battle raging around us.

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