Baseball Players at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham

Some of you may know that being a big fan of cricket, I am now getting a better appreciation of its “cousin”: American baseball. From time to time I get to attend a game and watch our hometown team, the Cincinnati Reds. Tonight, the Reds are playing the San Diego Padres, who represent the California city where I lived in for several years.

Tonight’s pitcher for San Diego is Ian Kennedy, who toured the Creation Museum with some of his teammates yesterday. Ian was here a few years ago with some of the players with the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. Now that he plays for the Padres, Ian wanted to make sure that he invited some of his teammates to join him for a museum tour. By the way, tomorrow’s pitcher for the Padres against the Reds is Tyson Ross, who also toured the museum yesterday.

Another one of the Padres’ players who visited on Tuesday was outfielder Seth Smith, who had an excellent game yesterday. One of our staff members who follows baseball said that on Tuesday evening “Smith made a great play in the outfield, and he had two hits; Smith is batting a very impressive .336, one of the top averages in the league. It was a home run by Chase Headley in the ninth inning (yes, he also toured the museum on Tuesday) that won the game for the Padres last night.”

We certainly receive a lot of unique visitors at the Creation Museum—we can only imagine the types of visitors who will come to the Ark Encounter when it opens in 2016.

Pat Robertson Again on Biblical Creationists

CBN’s Pat Robertson thinks you’re “dumb” (yes, that’s his word!) if you accept a universe that is not old. He has attacked young earth groups like AiG before. Check out my recent Facebook posting for details on what he said on TV’s 700 Club program yesterday and how I responded. Do you think that Robertson would say that we are dumb in front of our many AiG staff who hold earned doctorates and who reject an old universe?

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