It’s Time for the 2014 National Bible Bee!

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This year’s theme for the AiG ministry is “Standing our Ground, Rescuing our Kids,” based on Galatians 1:4. It’s one of the reasons we support something called the National Bible Bee in the USA.

Now, the Bible Bee is a family discipleship program—with a competition at the end of the year—for students ages 7–18. Through the summer, families will be memorizing Scripture and studying God’s Word, preparing to be tested on their general Bible knowledge. The format has changed this year. You can read about the changes at

Regional competitions for the Bible Bee will start in August, and the top 100 contestants in each of the three age divisions from across the country will be invited to compete at the National Bible Bee, which will be held in Orlando, Florida, from October 29–November 1.

Roger Patterson of our staff and his children have been actively involved in the Bible Bee for years. He told me recently how much the Bible Bee has impacted his family life:

Our family is excited to be participating in the Bible Bee for the sixth year. The summer program gives me, as a father, a great tool to use in discipling my children as we study God’s Word together and memorize Scripture. We also get together with other families from our church every couple of weeks to encourage one another, answer questions the kids have, and play some fun games involving the passages they have been memorizing. I tell other fathers that if they are looking for a powerful family discipleship tool, the Bible Bee is a great way to train children in the truth of God’s Word and point them to their need for the Savior. It is focused on Scripture and really promotes the authority and reliability of the Bible.
Roger will also be representing AiG and the Creation Museum with a booth at the nationals in Orlando.

More information about the Bible Bee can be found at

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