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Larger Than Life

by Ken Ham on May 3, 2014

We call it:  “Ark Encounter—Larger than Life!”  A life-size Noah’s Ark is on the way!

Thursday, an official ceremony in Legacy Hall at the Creation Museum launched the Ark Encounter project.  Here are some photographs of this special day:

  1. Dr. John Whitcomb, coauthor of the famous book, The Genesis Flood, gave a short, but powerful message about the Ark.  You can hear Dr. Whitcomb speak during this 40-minute “Hammer and Peg”  ceremony on DSC_7753
  2. AiG founders and board—and local officials—pounded pegs into beams; these beams will become part of an exhibit at the Ark. Our full-size Ark will be built in Williamstown, Kentucky. DSC_7797
  3. During the afternoon, hundreds of the ceremony guests visited the 800-acre site where the Ark will be built. DSC_7925
  4. As people visited the construction site for the Ark, they prayed that this project will reach millions of souls with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.DSC_7951 DSC_7948 DSC_7934
  1. Right here, in the middle of where the life-size Noah’s Ark will stand, is many people’s favorite spot for a photograph. DSC_7935
For more information on the Ark Encounter project, go to

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