Ark Encounter Launch and Meet Dr. Whitcomb!

by Ken Ham on May 1, 2014

In 1961, Drs. Henry Morris and John Whitcomb coauthored a book titled The Genesis Flood. This famous work really started the modern biblical creationist movement. The ministry of AiG and the Creation Museum (and now the coming Ark Encounter) are in part a legacy of the work of these two famed men.

Well, today is a very special day. Dr. Whitcomb, now in his ninetieth year, will be with me on stage as part of the ceremony that launches the Ark Encounter project. Dr. Whitcomb was also present in 2000 for the dedication of the Creation Museum property. What a privilege to have him at this Ark Encounter event.

The Creation Museum is hosting this very special Ark Encounter event—that we’re calling the Hammer and Peg ceremony—inside our Legacy Hall. At this special private ceremony to celebrate the launching of the Ark project, several leaders of the Ark project (along with state and local officials) will gather here in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Although this special event is not open to the public, I’m pleased to announce that you can watch it live at starting at 11 AM (ET)—and it will be archived at that site later!

Watch live and hear Dr. Whitcomb speak—it’s a unique opportunity for you.

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