The Truth Chronicles Book 6—Order For Your Teen Today!

by Ken Ham on April 1, 2014

In our secularized culture, it’s very difficult to find fiction books for teens that are appropriate and family friendly—and that stand on the authority of God’s Word. At Answers in Genesis, we want to provide quality resources for your teens that will engage and equip them to respond to the skeptical questions of the age.

One of our most popular fiction series has been Tim Chaffey’s The Truth Chronicles. The first five books in this series, which have also been very popular with young adults who visit the museum, teach readers biblical apologetics through a thrilling storyline. Here’s how we describe the series on our website:

International intrigue, time machines, and the Bible’s true history

Four teens find themselves caught up in the issues of everyday life and thrust into events they never expected. Their travels back in time lead them to questions about their own existence and the existence of God. JT uses her firm faith in God and His Word to challenge the thinking of her friends. Their adventures show that the history found in the Bible can be trusted.

These books have been building to an exciting conclusion, and the sixth book is now available to order on our web store!

The Truth Chronicles Book 6

In the Truth Chronicles Book 6: The Ark, you’ll join Jax and his friends as they explore the discovery of a lifetime. This series is another great tool to use in rescuing your kids from our secular culture (that’s our ministry theme for 2014)—a culture that becomes more anti-God every day.

If you’re looking for solid, biblically based reading material for your teens, I encourage you to visit our online store and order the entire Truth Chronicles series today!

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