Over 200,000 Views in Three Days!

by Ken Ham on March 30, 2014

Our ministry friend Ray Comfort (of Living Waters) shared with me that his new Noah movie (Noah—And the Last Days) received over 200,000 views on the Internet in just over three days!

It would be so much better for Christians (including youth groups) to view this video for free, rather than support Hollywood’s very pagan anti-biblical movie Noah that released in theaters this past Thursday evening.

Here are some of the comments Living Waters has received from people who have watched Noah—And the Last Days:

  • “I watched it just now and it made me realize how I am a sinner, forgive me Lord, I pray. Wonderful movie, Sir.” – Ash Kachui (India)
  • “I would pay for people to watch this. So eye opening.” – Daniela M Vega
  • “I am speechless!!!” – David Azofeifa
  • “I made it 26 minutes before the tears came.” – Elizabeth Darcy
  • “Absolutely awesome.” – Daniel Barden
  • “Awesome movie!” – Samantha G. Wright
  • “What a powerful movie.” – Vanessa Sorenson
  • “That was so good! Amazing job.” – Josh Lachapelle
  • “It was wonderful!” – Brandi Peyton
  • “Phenomenal!” – David D'Agostino
  • “So blessed by it! I am sharing it with my friends and family!” – Robert Ochoa
  • “WOW … I must say. Bravo.” – Max Thompson
  • “Excellent! It does bring tears to your eyes …” – Sharon Hoffman
  • “It was amazing!” – Daniel Supek
  • “Watched it! Loved it! Promoting it!” – Mariana Wright
  • “I'm sitting here stunned after watching this, and that's as a believer. Breathtaking film.” – Jen Hemmings
  • “Loved Noah and the last days, brilliant.” – Lorraine Rockburn
  • “I watched it today with my ten year old, just excellent!!!” – Cheryl Anne Hall
  • “I did watch Ray's Noah movie and it left me seeking to purge the unclean things I've allowed into my life and Christian walk.” – Jared Crotser
  • Noah challenges believers, convicts unbelievers and leaves us all overwhelmed by the perfect love that covers over a multitude of sins. This is the Noah we need to be watching.” – K. P. Yohannon
I encourage you to watch this 30-minute powerful video.

You can also purchase this video on DVD and receive my new video Creation and the Last Days.

Meanwhile, here is our lengthy review of the highly unbiblical Russell Crowe film Noah.

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