What Is This Theologian’s Real Motivation?

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I have great respect for theologian Dr. Geisler. He is a prolific author who for many years has contended for the faith and equipped Christians with some excellent apologetic arguments to defend the Christian faith against many secular attacks.

At the same time I assert that he and many others in Christian leadership (contrary to their sincerely good intentions) are unwittingly undermining the reliability and authority of the Scriptures they love and work so hard to uphold.

Can such a serious allegation be substantiated?

With help from AiG speaker and researcher Dr. Terry Mortenson, I have written a response to an opinion piece by Dr. Geisler that was published in the Christian Post this past Wednesday. Because of the importance of this AiG response, we decided to also make it the lead article for the website today. I encourage you to read this reply to Dr. Geisler’s opinion piece at this link.

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