Praise the Lord for the “Great Remnant”!

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Last night another 5,000 people attended Christmas Town—that’s 10,000 in the last two days! Also, the last two days have seen around 5,500 visitors go through the Creation Museum.

As I walked in the very crowded Main Hall of the Creation Museum last night, I had a number of people tell me how encouraging it was to see so many people support the Creation Museum outreach. As has been said to me a number of times, “There is a bigger remnant in this nation than we realized who want to stand for God’s Word.”

Yes—that remnant is great—and I continue to be encouraged as I meet many families so enthusiastic for the Christian faith, despite the shocking spiritual state of this nation. In many ways, the Creation Museum has become a rallying place for people to help embolden them to stand unashamedly for the Lord, and fervently proclaim the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

I pray more and more people will be raised up as a voice in this nation. Sadly, a small minority have been imposing an immoral philosophy on this nation through the education system, the courts, much of the media, and in other ways.

Here are some photographs taken at Christmas Town last night, the last evening of this year’s Christmas Town:

DSC_2819 DSC_2807 DSC_2800 DSC_2785 DSC_2652 christmas pano 2

Yes, praise the Lord!

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