A Real Pioneer

by Ken Ham on October 14, 2013

In our staff meeting last week we had a very special guest speaker. Dr. John Whitcomb, one of the founders and pioneers of the modern-day creation movement, is nearly 90 years old. But even so, he delivered a powerful talk to the Answers in Genesis, Creation Museum, and Ark Encounter staff. What an honor and privilege it was for our staff to have this wonderful opportunity. Dr. Whitcomb also spoke at AiG’s Answers for Pastors conference last week. Here is a photo of me with Dr. Whitcomb as we were both interviewed by my brother Steve for a session at the Pastors’ Conference:

John Whitcomb and Ken Ham interview

Dr. Whitcomb was a professor of Old Testament and theology for more than 50 years, having taught at Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana, from 1951 to 1990. Dr. Whitcomb’s most famous work was his section in The Genesis Flood coauthored in 1961 with the late Dr. Henry Morris. This publication is widely acknowledged to have started the modern biblical creation movement.

Dr. Whitcomb now serves as president of Whitcomb Ministries, Inc., and resides in Indianapolis with his wife Norma. His life and ministry may be summed up in this quotation: “I want to be in the full-time business of finding out what God says and telling as many people as I can.”

Our staff was incredibly blessed to hear Dr. Whitcomb’s talk and to see how God has used his ministry to reach people with the truth of the gospel. And I wanted to share this special talk with you as well. I urge you to listen to Dr. Whitcomb’s entire devotional below (about 20 minutes):


Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken


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