A Petting Zoo with an Important Message

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Over the past few months, we have expanded the Petting Zoo at the Creation Museum. But why have a Petting Zoo at the Museum?

As well as being a fun family-friendly place with a God-honoring Christian environment, the Petting Zoo presents an important message. We show children and adults that there can be enormous variation within an animal kind (Genesis 1:21, 24–25). We want to help them understand that such variation is not evolution and that Noah needed far fewer land animals on the Ark than people realize—only two of each (seven of some) kind, not from each variety or species.

For instance, in our Petting Zoo, we have camels, alpacas, and llamas—all members of the camel kind. By the way, you can even have a ride on one of our two camels; check the Creation Museum website for ride times.

We also have a zedonk, donkey, and zorse—all members of the horse kind. And we have a number of other different kinds of animals, including two wallabies that are members of the kangaroo kind.

Our newest member of the Petting Zoo is only five weeks old.  She is a coati—native to South and Central America and part of the kind that includes raccoons. Our excellent staff will show this unique animal each day at the Petting Zoo, and sometimes she will make an appearance in the Portico and Main Hall of the Creation Museum.

Our Petting Zoo is located on the opposite side of the lake from the Creation Museum:

Petting Zoo

Welcome to our newest Petting Zoo resident (the coati):


The Petting Zoo staff made sure I was introduced to this new resident:

Ken and coati

Also, here is a video the Petting Zoo staff made of our new addition:

Kids and adults love to ride our camels:

camel ride

Make sure you plan your visit to the Creation Museum—and don’t miss the spectacular Botanical Gardens and Petting Zoo. We have stations where you can use your cell phone to access recorded information at various places throughout the gardens and zoo. And feel free to ask the Petting Zoo staff any questions you have—they would love to explain more about the animals they take great care of each day.

Go to CreationMuseum.org for information.

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