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I heard so many special testimonies from our time at the 412 Church in San Jacinto, California, this past weekend. By the way, the name of this southern California church—which is a part of the Calvary Chapel association of congregations—is spoken as “four twelve,” from the chapter and verse 4:12 found in the books of Ephesians, Acts, and Hebrews. Here are some sample testimonies from the past two days:

  1. A young man told me he is an atheist. He then came across The New Answers Book 1 (the biggest-selling creation apologetics book in the world), and he read it through twice. He said the Lord used those answers to help him come to the point of committing his life to Christ. He told me he now wanted to obtain The New Answers Book 2 and The New Answers Book 3.
  2. A father of young children told me he still remembers hearing me speak when he was six years old. He has never forgotten the question I teach kids to politely ask when they hear people talk about evolution and millions of years: “Were you there?” He told me he and his wife are now bringing up their children on AiG resources, and they attended the school assemblies today with their children.
  3. A mother of young children told me she was greatly affected by what I taught her over 25 years ago. She has never forgotten that, and she is now bringing up her children on AiG resources so they are equipped with answers.

I had so many other testimonies like these—the Lord is good! Thank you Lord. It’s especially encouraging to hear how young people are being impacted by the creation/gospel message. AiG’s ministry theme this year is “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids,” and so I was especially blessed to hear these testimonies in San Jacinto.

Here are some photographs taken during the conference in San Jacinto:

San Jacinto Church San Jacinto Church San Jacinto Church San Jacinto Church San Jacinto Church San Jacinto Church San Jacinto Church San Jacinto Church San Jacinto Church

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