What Does the Ark Have To Do With Christmas?

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Well, Christmas is coming up fast! And here at the Creation Museum, we’re already preparing for this year’s Christmas Town celebration. But you know, this year we’ve centered Christmas Town on a very special theme. It’s a question, really: What does the Ark have to do with Christmas?

Now, we’ll have many of the usual events, including a special turkey dinner available at Noah’s Café if you and your family would like to enjoy a meal together at the museum. And you’ll be able to tour the Creation Museum for just $5 after 5pm!

We’ll have the free Garden of Lights and the live nativity. And all the familiar characters will be present, including Elizabeth, Anna, and Hyam the Temple Guard in their live dramas.

But I want you to think carefully—What does the Ark have to do with Christmas?

We’re going to help you answer that question with new dramas and new characters at Christmas Town—and a special new outside set!

This year, you’ll travel back in time to about 2,000 years before the birth of Christ! Be prepared for a Christmas unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

I encourage you to not to miss Christmas Town at the Creation Museum.

The events run each Friday and Saturday in December, from 5–8pm. For more information, visit the Christmas Town website at CreationMuseum.org/christmas.

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