Win a $500 Scholarship!

by Ken Ham on October 12, 2012

The Answers in Genesis “College Expo” is now just one month away.

This unique event is a “must” for all prospective college students and their parents. With so many Christian colleges and universities having compromised their teaching on Genesis and a literal six-day creation/young earth, it is important that students and parents know which schools will stand on the authority of God’s Word beginning with Genesis.

As a special bonus, Answers in Genesis will be giving a $500 scholarship at the event to one student.

So join us on November 16–17, when we will host 23 colleges and universities that align with Answers in Genesis on a young earth and literal six, 24-hour day creation.

Participating schools include the following:

  • Appalachian Bible College
  • Arrowhead Bible College
  • Bob Jones University
  • Calvary Bible College & Theological Seminary
  • Cedarville University
  • Dayspring Bible College & Seminary
  • Fairhaven Baptist College
  • God's Bible College
  • Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • Jackson Hole Bible College
  • Kentucky Mountain Bible College
  • Liberty University
  • Maranatha Baptist Bible College
  • Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Montana Bible College
  • Northland International University
  • Ohio Christian University
  • Patrick Henry College
  • Pensacola Christian College
  • The Master's College
  • Verity Institute
  • Welch College
  • Word of Life Bible Institute
The Expo is free and includes admission to the Creation Museum.

Please register at

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