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Answers—Now at Sam’s

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About 20 Sam’s Club stores in the Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio area are currently offering the biggest-selling creation apologetics books in the world—the The New Answers Book 1, The New Answers Book 2, and The New Answers Book 3—as a boxed set.  There are over 400,000 of these in print now.

I encourage you to let your friends know about this if they live in our tristate area—also let them know that Sam’s has its usual low Sam’s Club prices, so they would be good to purchase as possible gifts for this Christmas.

Here are some photographs we took at a local Sam’s Club yesterday:

Sam's Club Sam's Club Sam's Club Sam's Club

I certainly praise the Lord for the way AiG apologetics books are being distributed to the culture.

Bible Bee and AiG

The National Bible Bee is a summer program of discipleship for families—especially for young people—to learn the Word of God, including through memorization. The Bee program concludes with a national competition in November. Today, regional competitions are occurring all over America, and the Bee organizers ask for your prayers for the participating families— as children and teens (ages 7–18) are taking part in 137 local contests.

The local competitions today are for young people who have spent a lot of time in Bible study and Scripture memorization, all done in the context of families studying the Word of God together. Of the 300 top-scoring contestants from today’s regional competitions, they will be invited to the national competition in Tennessee in November. At the national level, there are scholarships and cash prizes to be awarded, and AiG will be giving out major prizes for the big winners and their families.

Yesterday Mark McMahan, the CEO of the Bible Bee, shared some stats with me for the 2012 Bible Bee:  7,211 young people are competing in the 137 regions, coming from 3,522 families, and who are all “focused on family discipleship in their homes with their parent-led Bible Study, Bible memory and prayer.”

Go to for information.

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