Your Work Is Making a Difference

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It is good to be reminded of the tremendous amount of positive feedback we receive at AiG, for which we praise the Lord.

Here is a letter received this past week:

Hello! My husband … and I just wanted to write to thank you for your hard work and determination to stand on the authority of Scripture and to teach others how to base all their thinking on it (rather than trying to make it fit their thinking).

We recently … spent 2 days at the Creation Museum, saw the Lucy exhibit unveiling, and heard you speak a few times. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and our faith (of decades) was further strengthened with the scientific evidence that supports the Bible!

We are so thankful for your ministry, the truth it presents and the clarity of the Gospel throughout the Museum. We pray for God to continually strengthen you.

We thank you for sharing your recent debate with Hugh Ross on TBN via your AiG email. We have poor internet where we are, so we drove almost 20 miles … to get a strong enough signal to watch the 2 hour show! We pray for you even more now, after seeing what you face even with fellow Christians – who seem to deny the authority of the Word.

Take care and may God continue to lead, direct and help you in all that you do. Your work is making a difference!

Yes, as God is blessing, the ministry of AiG is making a difference in many lives across this nation and around world. Let's praise the Lord for the way He uses AiG to equip and challenge people concerning biblical authority and the gospel.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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