Another “Award”

by Ken Ham on June 22, 2012

I praise the Lord for the number of awards that AiG and the Creation Museum have received for advertising, videos, website, magazine, and other items.

This year AiG received the website of the year award (for the second time) from the National Religious Broadcasters.  Answers magazine recently received eight awards from the Evangelical Press Association, including (for the second time) the top award for Excellence. We have numerous trophies, certificates, etc. in our offices for the many awards received from both the Christian and secular worlds.

Well, this week we received what I believe is really an “award,” and I wanted to publicly acknowledge the staff involved.

Noah’s Café is an important part of the Creation Museum. The many thousands of people who visit the Creation Museum can obtain high quality food at extremely reasonable prices. Such quality and prices really does leave a great “taste” in people’s mouths.

Well, the biyearly Food Services inspection is always an unnerving event. AiG Food Services staff do their very best to keep food areas immaculately clean. They are very diligent to take extra precautions in keeping food at their correct temperatures, and they are careful to observe proper food preparation techniques and make sure we store food correctly.

But every six months the phone call from the front desk comes, ”The Health Department is here for your inspection.”

Please don’t get me wrong; the inspection has never gone bad. In fact, the score is always very high. But our latest inspection resulted in a perfect score. With it came a written remark, “The facility is very clean and organized.”

The inspector even went so far as to point out commendable practices and left saying how easy the inspection was.

Congratulations to Cheryl Arthur and her staff for obtaining such an “award.”

Make sure you visit Noah’s Café when you come to the Creation Museum. And please congratulate the staff on their great work.

Other “Awards”

Yesterday at staff meeting, our HR director (and the respective Directors and VP) gave staff some special awards. AiG staff receive a special gift for every five years they have worked at AiG. Below are photographs of staff being presented with these gifts—one was for fifteen years! Yes, we have a very dedicated staff.

Staff Service Awards Staff Service Awards Staff Service Awards Staff Service Awards

On Monday, in my blog, I congratulated the staff for obtaining fifth place in the workplace survey in which many companies from the Greater Cincinnati area participated. For a Christian non-profit to obtain such a placing is extremely significant. I was on the road speaking when the results of the survey came in. AiG also received the top score for ethics in the workplace!

Yesterday at staff meeting, I personally congratulated the staff. On the screen in the photograph is a picture of the full page advertisement we placed in the newspaper to congratulate our wonderful staff.


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