Has Noah’s Ark Really Been Found?

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In recent months, there has been a claim that the remains of Noah’s Ark were found on Mt. Ararat. For many reasons, AiG was extremely skeptical when the announcement was made. Since that time, AiG geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling has conducted research into one aspect of this supposed claim that the remains of the Ark were discovered and posted  an article on the AiG website. Well, there has been mixed reaction to this article by Dr. Snelling that dealt with the C-14 dating results of wood samples claimed to have come from the supposed discovery of the Ark on Mt. Ararat.

Requested by concerned Chinese pastors, the article presented the C-14 testing results that the Chinese-Turkish discovery team have failed to disclose publicly because three of the four samples gave modern ages that undermine their claim to have discovered the Ark. The article also set out why the 4,800 year age for one sample is not the radiocarbon age to be expected from pre-Flood wood.

His careful explanation of the details involved have drawn praise from those who accept the biblical account of the Flood as a literal, historic, and globe-encircling event. Sadly, criticism has come from those Christians who are committed to an old earth—and who therefore reject the testimony of Jesus who spoke of Noah, the Ark, and the Flood as real and a literal historic event (Matthew 24:38–39). Among detractors are a U.S. Chinese pastor and a U.S. teacher in a Christian school for missionary kids in Europe.

Dr. Snelling shared with me that “otherwise, thus far the perpetrators of the Ark claim have chosen to ignore the article, but we have been forewarned their response is coming. Making a stand for the truth is costly, both in the time involved and in the inevitable attacks on scientific and personal integrity.”

Of course we would be thrilled if the remains of the Ark were actually found. But we also need to be sure that whatever we do is of the highest integrity—the highest professionalism and the highest quality research. That is why we decided to go public with this particular paper by Dr. Andrew Snelling.

Please in prayer about this matter.

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