Communicating the Cries of My Heart

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Every now and then on my blog I like to share samples of the encouraging responses we receive each week at AiG.

Here is one from a teacher at a Christian school in Tennessee who brought students to the school program held at Bellevue Baptist Church near Memphis this past Monday:

All day yesterday after we got back from Bellevue, and again today, I had students come up to me to thank us for taking them to the conference. Many of them were affirmed in their faith, and many have begun to question for the first time what the secular world has taught them. And for some of them, I think they saw that you can be intelligent and be a Christian at the same time! I pray that God will bless the seeds that were planted in the minds and hearts of our kids, and I pray that they will never be able to get away from the message they heard.
This is an email received from Australia:
I'm the Principal at [an Australian] Christian College … I have recently watched [the DVD] “Already Gone” and as a result I showed it to our staff. We are now watching the “Foundations” series. You have hit the nail on the head. I view the issues with our culture, the church, and the next generation in the same way and it has been greatly encouraging to hear you communicating what have been the cries of my heart (I wondered if anyone else cared). Thank you for what you do and I pray that your message reaches the wider church so that God uses it to call the church back to His Word and faithfulness . . . .
There is no doubt the AiG ministry continues to influence generations around the world—praise the Lord!

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