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You may recall a few weeks ago that the Associated Press syndicated a news article about developments concerning our full-size Noah’s Ark, which will be built in northern Kentucky. We’ve seen the AP article appear in several international and national news outlets, including this past Monday in the Bangkok Post of Thailand. Below you can see a scan of the Thai article, which includes a drawing of the Ark complex (to be built in Williamstown, Kentucky—about 40 miles south of the museum), and also a photo of Mike Zovath, who is heading up the Ark project. Mike was in charge of building our Creation Museum, which we opened over four years ago and it has seen almost 1.5 million visitors come through.

To find out more about the evangelistic Ark, go to the Ark website.

Also, today we have a TV crew from Russia here at the museum and also want to find out more about the Ark. Furthermore, a TV correspondent from Dateline TV in Australia arrives today and will interview “an Australian working in America” (i.e., me).

The Genesis Flood Book—Celebrating 50 Years

Speaking of the Ark and Noah, I wanted to remind you that we are holding a very special event this Saturday at our new Legacy Hall inside the Creation Museum. We are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the classic book The Genesis Flood. The book’s surviving co-author, Dr. John Whitcomb, will be speaking, and we will be flying in the son of the other author (the late Dr. Henry Morris, founder of ICR) to speak—that’s Dr. John Morris, president of ICR in Dallas, Texas.

The conference is offered at no extra charge to paying museum guests (and museum members) that day. See the schedule below. It’s a wonderful line-up, and I hope supporters in the region can turn out and celebrate this monumental book, which started the modern biblical creation movement 50 years ago.

October 15, 2011 – Legacy Hall, Creation Museum

9:00 AM Ken Ham – Welcome and Introduction
9:05 AM Dr.  Terry Mortenson – Millions of Years and the Demise of the Flood
10:30 AM Dr.  John Whitcomb – Helping People Understand the Flood
11:50 AM Dr.  John Morris – Fifty Years of Impact: the Genesis Flood and the Growth of Young Earth Creationism
1:50 PM Special tribute video by Dr. John MacArthur and Dr. Woodrow Kroll
2:00 PM Dr. Andrew Snelling – Defending the Flood and its Geology: the Imperative and the Challenges
3:30 PM Ken Ham – Willingly Ignorant: the Flood last time, Fire the Next
5:00 PM Dr. John Morris – The Fossil Record
You can find out more information from this link.

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