Where Is This Rainforest?

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Take a look at the photographs below taken in a rainforest area, and try to determine where these might have been taken. If you look carefully, you should recognize the location.

These were taken in the gardens of the Creation Museum. Praise the Lord for our very talented landscapers (and their talented leader Tim Schmitt) who have been able to plant and maintain a rainforest area for the Creation Museum.

If you haven't visited the gardens, you need to do so soon. As fall approaches and then winter, this rainforest area of the gardens will be back to beds of mulch, and then they spring to life when spring arrives next year.  The banana trees are 20 feet tall, and all the growth you see happened from spring this year till now!

Next Two Conferences: Niagara Falls, New York, and Mississauga, Canada

I will be traveling to Niagara Falls, New York, and Mississauga, Canada, for two AiG conferences. Originally, Dr. David Menton was to speak with me, but due to the serious illness of a close relative, Dr. Andrew Snelling (whom I consider to be the leading creation geologist in the world) will be speaking with me at both conferences.

For details, check out the New York event page or the Canada event page.

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