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We have additional reasons to bring young people to the Creation Museum this month, especially as schools start. No doubt you want to help children and teens start the academic year on a good footing.

The museum is already family friendly, and this month it’s even more so.

First, we have special sessions for young people called “Back to School Survival Days.” A part of this outreach is for young people to hear Buddy Davis and me give faith-building talks inside our new Legacy Hall. We want to equip children and teens to know how to defend the Christian faith amidst the evolutionary teaching they will probably receive at school and in the media (as well as most science museums they may visit). For information on these “back-to-school” pep talks (for ages elementary through college), see the post on our Creation Museum blog.

Second, along the wall of our Special Effects Theater at the museum we have unveiled our newest high-tech exhibit. In this photo, you can see me interviewing Dr. David Menton at our dedication ceremony. He is featured in a new “laser exhibit” on the science of “homology.” It shows the major differences between humans and apes (and other creatures), using skeletons.

It has been amusing to walk past the exhibit as young people stare at Dr. Menton on a computer monitor and are perplexed as to how the laser beams seem to jump from Dr. Menton’s laser pointer to the skeletons below. Dr. Menton “magically” points to specific parts of the skeletons in the display.

As you know, evolutionists often like to trumpet their belief that humans and chimps are very closely related. Dr. Menton, who taught anatomy at the prestigious Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis for a few decades, worked with our talented design team to come up with a highly visual display that would help undermine the evolutionary teaching of the relatedness of humans and chimps.

We hope you’ll come by soon and look for this display and see this new kind of “laser show”—with technology created specially for our museum. Even children will be fascinated by it.

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