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Children love computers and colorful computer-based games, but I’ve found that the standard games—even those rated as “family friendly” by secular groups—leave a lot to be desired! They’re filled with all kinds of teaching that Christian parents don’t want their children seeing over and over again.

When our speakers and other staff are in the field, and here in our museum book shop, we constantly have people telling us they wish their kids or grandkids had a truly safe place to “play” online. Christians want a place that is fun for children—from preschool through gradeschool—and that mixes fun games with Bible-based education.

With all that in mind, I was really pleased when a group approached us earlier this year, asking AiG to provide content for a new online game environment they had developed.

I am happy to tell you now that good friends of Answers in Genesis—an Israel-based computer game company—have just released a special version of their “interactive Bible Islands edutainment world.” The special co-branded version of Bible Islands (which has a special Creation Museum component) includes not only lots of great games for youngsters, but now also a very special child-friendly section with videos about the days of creation directly from our Creation Museum!

The plan is that the Creation Museum section will be added to as time goes on, but as of now the big first phase is up and ready. You can get a free seven-day play pass for unlimited access to Bible Islands. There’s nothing else like this anywhere that combines great games with solid creation and Bible teaching! And what a great time to let your kids start “playing” on the site—while they have extra time during the last weeks of summer.

How to get your seven-day free play pass:

Just go to the Bible Islands website and click on “Play Now.” On your first visit, a parent or grandparent will be required to set up an account that will cover all the kids in your family. It’s easy and takes only a few minutes, and with a special password you choose, you’ll be able to monitor the activities of your children, set up protected email accounts for use with others in the Bible Islands environment only, and more. (Note: No “offer code” is required. Just leave that blank.)

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