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Since our Creation Museum opened over four years ago, we’ve welcomed 300–400 different media representatives here (about 100 during grand opening week alone). During our first year, a documentary producer, Michael Suglio, videotaped Dr. Jason Lisle and Dr. Georgia Purdom of our staff for his creation/evolution documentary, The Struggle for Existence. Several other documentary producers have also filmed here.

In his documentary, Mr. Suglio looked at two museums: the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (about five hours from us) and our Creation Museum, and how the museums have a different interpretation of the scientific evidence regarding origins. The documentary has been released and won a documentary award at the Ivy Film Festival at Brown University (Rhode Island).

Although I have not seen the film, I understand from one of our staff members that Mr. Suglio attempted to be as balanced as possible in his documentary, and we applaud his good effort. He largely allowed spokespersons from each museum to present their views. Two years after he toured the Creation Museum and interviewed some of our staff, Mr. Suglio graduated from Case Western Reserve University (also in the Cleveland area) in 2009.

You can read a review of his film at this website.

For the film’s official website, go to

By the way, the Creation Museum recently ended its fourth year of operation, and once again we had over 300,000 visitors a year, as we have done the past three years (in 2007–2008, we were blessed with over 400,000 guests).

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