A Burden to Serve in Bible Translation

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I thought it would be good today to highlight a special graduate. Answers in Genesis speaker and writer Dr. Tommy Mitchell and his wife Liz (who also writes for AiG) recently were thrilled to attend the graduation of their daughter Mary at Pensacola Christian College. Mary graduated with a Master of Arts in biblical languages. So what is Mary going to do now? She is going to pursue a Master’s degree in linguistics at a university in Canada. Then she wants to go to the mission field and do Bible translation. She has already spent three months (during her summer vacation) in New Guinea helping Bible translators.

We praise the Lord for the spiritual legacy Tommy and Liz have passed on to their children, and now to see their eldest pursue studies so she can help spread God’s Word to those who don’t have it in their language! Pray for Mary as she continues to move ahead with what the Lord has burdened her to do regarding such a high calling—to translate the Word of God.

Here is a photo of Mary on her graduation day:

By the way, if you have never had Dr. Tommy Mitchell speak in your church or area, I couldn’t recommend him enough. You can request a speaking event on the Answers Outreach website.

You can also follow Tommy on his public Facebook page.

1000-seat Auditorium/Multipurpose Room to Open in June

Construction is well under way on converting AiG’s warehouse and worshop area to a multipurpose room. This room can also be used as a 1000-seat auditorium. At the present time, when a speaker gives a presentation in the Creation Museum, we have to close down the SFX theater, as that is the only place we can really have such teaching sessions. During busy days, we also have to often turn people away. Once our new multipurpose room is open, we will be able to provide many more teaching sessions and seat many more people. The current theater we use only allows around 200 at a time.

We are also putting in a state-of-the-art sound system. We praise the Lord for the business man who is enabling us to save many thousands of dollars on this equipment. Below is a photo of the sound board. Our AV staff have been testing this and are ready for installation.

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