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Yesterday, before leaving for Mansfield, Ohio, where I will be speaking Saturday through Sunday (see event calendar), I spoke to teachers at a Lutheran Educators’ Conference at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati.

It was thrilling to hear testimonies from teachers who are already using AiG resources in their classrooms.  I had two teachers tell me how the 7 C’s of history as taught by AiG have really helped students understand how everything fits together regarding the Bible’s history.  The 7 C’s is the basis of the Creation Museum—a walk through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, summed up as:


This concept has become so popular, that AiG is writing an entire Bible curriculum based on this.  The curriculum (by faith) should be ready for release by the Fall of 2012.  One of the items produced for that curriculum is available right now—the 7 C’s banners—a large and a smaller version.

You can obtain these banners (or very large “posters”) from the AiG online bookstore:

The small one is at www.AnswersinGenesis.org/store/sku/00-5-058/ The large one is at www.AnswersinGenesis.org/store/sku/00-5-057/

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