“Walking Billboards”

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At the Creation Museum, we’ve seen over one and a quarter million people come through the doors. There were 1,700 people yesterday—more than the same date last year! With the many visitors that come through, it’s not often we see something at the Creation Museum we haven’t seen before. Yesterday was an exception to that rule. Rick and Sue Burkholder along with Al and Marti Hyslip from Ohio visited wearing “walking billboards.” As you can see in the photo below, each member of the group wore a sign attached to their hats.

Rick said Sue comes up with these ideas, and Sue said Rick is the inventor to make her ideas happen. In any case, they definitely received attention. The signs were supportive of the museum’s ministry, as they stated, “I came ... I saw ... and I believe” and “Prepare to believe.” When asked, they say they wear the signs because they believe Genesis is foundational for Bible belief. They are charter lifetime members.

The phrase often used with the Creation Museum logo is “Prepare to believe.”

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