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We were thrilled this past week to have a group  of students and their leaders from “Living Science” at the Creation Museum for a few days.

The students spent hours studying the museum’s exhibits and producing the beginnings of an activity-based curriculum for students to use at the museum.  While visiting with us, they also gave a dramatic presentation to the AiG staff.  Here are some photographs taken of them this past week:

The Living Science Ministry is described this way on their website:

Living Science Home Studies, Inc. was founded by Lance and Penney Davis of Woodstock, Georgia. While teaching at a Christian school in nearby Roswell, some “homeschool moms” approached Mrs. Davis to have her teach science to their children. She considered their request carefully and prayerfully and, after confirmation from the Lord, "Living Science" was formed in the basement of the Davis home with a class of twenty students ...

Students were drawn to Living Science because of Penney's dynamic teaching style. Affectionately known as Mrs. D, she taught “hands-on” science, which culminated each year in a multi-day science expedition to the Golden Isles of Georgia. Within a year, Living Science grew to three classes for grades six through eight.  After several years of teaching classes in the evening, Mrs. D prayerfully resigned her position at the Christian school and pursued her dream of teaching homeschoolers full-time. As God brought people to Living Science through word of mouth, what began as a favor to a few homeschool moms expanded in 2001.

That fall, Living Science offered Math, English, and Spanish for the first time, in addition to the six science classes. By 2002, there were 135 students, twenty-seven classes, seven teachers and one staff secretary. And, Mrs. D’s husband (known to students as Mr. D, of course!) joined Living Science as the administrator. As middle school students reached high school, they pleaded with Mr. and Mrs. D to serve them through high school. To meet this need, courses were added in Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Literature, Algebra, Geometry, Spanish I and II, and World History.

In 2002, Living Science became Living Science Home Studies, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation with the goal of helping homeschooled students "reach beyond academic excellence." Through the generous contributions of many families, Living Science Home Studies moved from the D's home onto a five-acre campus in 2004.   The campus has a large home which houses offices and two classrooms. An adjoining classroom building was constructed with a science lab and an additional classroom. In 2009, a local construction company donated a large pavilion for students to use for studies and activities. In an atmosphere that fosters biblical truth and development of a biblical world view, Living Science students continue to strive to reach beyond mere academic excellence.

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