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The long list below will give you an idea of the media coverage the Ark Encounter received in December, as on December 1 the announcement was made that AiG would be building a full-size Noah’s Ark in northern Kentucky. The list does not include several international media outlets (though a few are mentioned below), plus it does not list media coverage in January. (The December listing also does not include hundreds of blogs.) We praise God that even though a shovel has yet to turn over any dirt at the proposed Williamstown site off I-75, the media interest has already been phenomenal. You can only imagine what will happen in 2014 when the Ark Encounter opens!

Now, I don’t expect all of you to read each listing below, but for each category, you might want to read the first few listings to see the more prominent media outlets. Here they are below, but remember, these are just the ones for December!

Ark Encounter Placements

A. Media running stories following the Dec. 1 press conference (169.3 million impressions):

New York Times—Circulation: 876,638; 17,753,300 vpm MSNBC-TV Countdown with Keith Olberman The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NBC Conan O’Brien Show Newsweek—Audience: 4,194,750 vpm The Telegraph, England The Independent, London MSNBC-TV—Rachel Maddow Show— 8,223,860 vpm—Audience: 81,643 vpm—Audience: 12,889,300 vpm—Audience: 8,617,030 Indianapolis Star—Circulation: 182,933; 694,147 vpm—Audience: 270,567 vpm Lexington Herald-Leader—Circulation: 91,518; Louisville Courier Journal—Circulation: 159,275 Cincinnati Enquirer—Circulation: 172,536—Audience: 2,806 vpm WTVQ Ch. 36 (ABC), Lexington Cincinnati Business Courier— Circulation: 10,532 Business First, Louisville—Circulation: 23,680 WLWT-TV, Cincinnati KFVS-TV, Ch. 12 (CBS), Cape Girardeau, MO WEKU-FM (NPR), Richmond, KY WAVE-TV, Ch. 3 (NBC), Louisville WHAS-TV, Channel 11, ABC. Louisville WFIE-TV, Channel 14, NBC. Evansville WFPL-FM, 89.3, NPR. Louisville Baptist Press—Audience: 1,000,000 combined Baptist publications/online Slate website,—3,318,230 vpm USA Today’s On Deadline blog—18,116,300 vpm—710,768 vpm Daily Mail Online, London, UK WNCT-TV, Channel 9, CBS. Greenville, NC—Audience: 22,402,700 vpm KTVZ-TV, Channel 21, NBC, Bend, OR WBKO-TV, Channel 13, ABC, Bowling Green, KY Miami Herald— Audience: 375,610 vpm—Audience: 8,791,340 vpm WKRC-TV, Ch. 12, CBS, Cincinnati New York Daily News—Audience: 7,497,240 vpm—Audience: 234,644 vpm Atlantic Wire WRAL-TV, Channel 5, CBS . Raleigh—Audience: n/a; 864,034 vpm The New Yorker blog—Audience: 924,369 vpm Los Angeles Times Travel—Audience: 6,664,220 vpm Bloomberg Businessweek—Audience: n/a; 4,156,880 vpm CBS News Travel—Audience: 5,475,190 vpm Baltimore Sun—Audience: 1,356,170 vpm Religion News Service Columbus Dispatch, Ohio The Christian Telegraph, England Christianity Daily (CA Chinese Christian publ.) Belfast Telegraph, Ireland Excite Netherlands—Audience: 1,269,297 visitors per month online USA Today Travel—Audience: 18,116,300 vpm, Pakistan Baptists Today— Circulation: 10,000 South Bend Tribune—Circulation: 62,482 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette—Circulation: 181,058 Washington Post blog—Audience: 7,107,600 vpm Washington Times—Circulation: 57,701 Cleveland Plain Dealer—Circulation: 252,608 Sarasota Herald Tribune—Circulation: 66,352 Houston Chronicle—Circulation: 343,952; 1,964,610 vpm The Age, Melbourne—Audience: n/a Al Mohler blog St. Louis Post-Dispatch—Circulation: 207,154 Mladá Fronta DNES, Prague, Czech Republic South China Morning Post International Herald Tribune, France El Mundo, Madrid, Spain Il Messaggero, Rome, Italy Western Recorder, Louisville Unsere Kirche, Bielefeld, Germany. The Guardian, London Baptist Bulletin, Schaumburg, Illinois NRB Today e-news Die Welt, Berlin, Germany Sky News, Sydney, Australia. The Detroit News—Circulation: 146,962 Irish Independent Daily Mail, London The Jewish Chronicle, London The Press, Christchurch, New Zealand The Dominion Post, Wellington, New Zealand Miami Herald—Circulation: 151,612 O Barriga Verde, Brazil Haaretz, Israel—Audience: 5,481,100 vpm Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway Der Standard, Vienna, Austria Dakota Voice Profile, Kiev, Ukraine Salt Lake Tribune—Circulation: 109,703; 709,943 vpm Neue Zuercher Zeitung, Zurich, Switzerland

B. After December 1 and 2:

ABC-TV World News with Diane Sawyer The Economist (UK)—Circulation: 813,240—Audience: 22,402,700 vpm WCPO-TV, Channel 9, ABC Cincinnati WFPL-FM, 89.3, NPR Louisville Courier Journal—Circulation: 159,275 Lexington Herald Leader—Circulation: 91,518—Audience: 2,806 vpm Dayton Daily News, Ohio—Circulation: 95,365 AFR/—Audience: 1,269,297 visitors per month online Odessa American, Odessa, TX KDAZ Radio, Albuquerque— Audience: 234,644 vpm WDEL Radio, Delaware Canadian Radio CBC As it Happens BBC News Hour, London PBS Online Need to Know WTBN Radio, Tampa Radio New Zealand Morning Report Concerned Women for America Radio Rheinische Post, Germany Berliner Zeitung, Germany Der Spiegel, Germany Janet Mefferd Show—Salem Radio Network Middletown Journal, Ohio Attractions Management magazine

C. Before December, word was leaking out about the Ark project:

Cincinnati Business Courier—ran preliminary article Nov. 19 on Ark Encounter, based on an anonymous source WLWT-TV, Cincinnati— Nov. 19 Cincinnati Enquirer— Nov. 19 WCPO-TV, Cincinnati— Nov. 19— Nov. 19 WCET-TV, Cincinnati— Nov. 19 WLW Radio, Cincinnati— Nov. 19 WHAS Radio, Louisville, Kentucky— Nov. 19— Nov. 19, audience: 38,700,500 vpm— Nov. 19; audience: 22,402,700 vpm WSCH-FM, Lawrenceburg, Ind.— Nov. 19 Grant County newspaper, Kentucky— Nov. 19

D. On November 30 and December 1, we sent a media alert indicating that a major announcement would be made December 1 about AiG’s next major project; media outlets that covered this impending announcement included the following:—Audience: 2,924,370 vpm—Audience: 18,116,300 vpm Cincinnati Enquirer—Circulation: 172,536; Louisville Courier-Journal—Circulation: 159,275 WLWT-TV, Cincinnati WLEX-TV, NBC Ch. 18, Lexington Fox-19 TV, Cincinnati—Audience:8,791,340 vpm West Kentucky Star, Paducah, KY WKRN-TV, Channel 2, ABC, Nashville, TN Victoria Advocate, Victoria, Texas The Republic, Columbus, Indiana Lexington Herald Leader (KY)—Circulation: 91,518 WDRB-TV, Channel 41, Fox, Louisville—Audience: 6,664,220 vpm

If you want to see a list of much of the media to date with web links just dealing with the Ark Encounter, then go to this website.

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