Big Visitors

by Ken Ham on January 8, 2011

Over the past few months we’ve had many professional athletes tour the Creation Museum.  That included several players with the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team in October, a group which included a former Cy Young award-winner (for best pitcher in the league).

This week we had two players with the Cincinnati Bengals football team visit and who are on-fire Christians: a retired player, Ken Moyer (an offensive lineman for a few years with the Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles—and the chaplain to the Bengals) and Reggie Kelly, the starting tight end of the Bengals. Reggie is known as a “blocking machine,” although he told us that the late great Reggie White (who also had a wonderful Christian testimony) could be a handful! Reggie’s longevity in the NFL is unusual—the average player lasts only about three years, and Reggie’s been around more than a dozen and in a tough position.

Both these guys towered over me when I met them on Thursday! Here they are at the FotoFX area in the museum’s portico, but the photo doesn’t really show how massive these guys are.

Find out more about Reggie at: Ken’s ministry with Athletes in Action is mentioned on his personal website:

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