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Over the past three and a half years, we have seen a number of Christian schools bus their students to the Creation Museum—some have come from as far as Texas! We are also thrilled to see schools (like Statesville Christian School from North Carolina) make the Creation Museum a regular part of their school program. I asked the science teacher from this Christian school in North Carolina who was visiting this week to explain why he has been bringing students to the Creation Museum. He wrote:

We have been so privileged here at Statesville Christian School to take about 45 of our students and alumni to the Creation Museum over the last 3 years.  Every year for the first 2 weeks of January, SCS has "Winterim" classes for our students that can range from learning to fly airplanes, to mission trips abroad, to coming to Northern KY for intense and enjoyable training with the PhD scientists here at Answers in Genesis.

As a Christian high school AP biology and AP chemistry teacher, I try to integrate the truths of Genesis all throughout the curriculum so that our students are well challenged and prepared academically and spiritually for what the world will dish out to them.  Coming to the Creation Museum for these 3 days of training is so valuable for both the students and for me!  I thank Answers in Genesis for going above and beyond what they are required to do and would recommend it to any Christian school who is serious about their students' spiritual growth!

In Christ, Jeff Durham  (Science Teacher)

If only more Christian schools would understand the importance of conducting such a trip and holding training sessions for their students.

Here is a photograph of the students, teachers, and parents with myself taken this week at the museum:

One of the young people told me this was his second visit. He explained that when he visited two years ago, at that time he had been accepted into an architectural engineering program at a prestigious school—that in itself was quite an honor. After going through the Creation Museum, he was burdened to help build people’s hearts and minds for Christ instead of building physical structures. He changed course and enrolled at a Bible college. He has a burden to be a pastor or a lecturer at a Christian institution. This is just one example of how the Lord has used the Creation Museum to direct a young person for ministry.

You can find out more about this school on their website.

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